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Barbershop – Circa 1980

The exterior and interior of the Barbershop Museum were painted in the summer of 2018. Colors were carefully matched to trim and wainscoting remnants and scrapings from the original front wall.

This structure was recorded as being a barbershop in 1905, when it was owned by John Lawrence, who worked for the railroad during the day and cut hair at night, using a kerosene lamp hung from the ceiling. It was also a cobbler shop for several years and then again, a barbershop. The building was on Main Street and Everett Avenue before moving to its current home by Zabriskie Pond after being donated to the Wyckoff Historical Society by Wyckoff resident and WHS member, Sebastian Gaeta. The building was in disrepair after several years of neglect and was restored several times, most recently in the summer of 2018 by the Society. Recent renovations included painting the interior in period colors, refinishing the bare wood floors, and painting the exterior in period colors. Several artifacts are now on exhibit including items from Russell Farms and a barber chair from longtime Wyckoff barber, Frank Muscara. A 1905 child’s dress was exhibited during an Open House in 2018 and 2019. A photographic exhibition, “Faces and Places of Wyckoff” was installed for History Day 2019. The museum is currently closed. The Society is seeking a grant to help offset the cost of electrifying the building. A climate-controlled environment will allow a variety of public exhibition and tours.