Sicomac Dairy was located on Sicomac Avenue
Sicomac Dairy milk machine

Luke and Anna Galenkamp bought the farm in Wyckoff in 1923. In fact, the story is that he moved his family on October 31 (Halloween night).

Luke started his dairy business in 1909 renting a farm on Goffle Road in Hawthorne across the street from the Goffle Brook pond. Siblings Beatrice, Ed and Harold Galenkamp Srs. were born in the stone house across from the pond.

As the milk business developed, Sicomac Dairy delivered milk to area residents and also placed convenient milk machines in Wyckoff. This site is now a housing development. The Sicomac Ice Cream Barn, built on the William D. Winters Homestead c. 1900, still stands across the street and is now used by the Faith Community Church.