WHS presents Chad Shapiro, Antique Light Bulb Collector

On November 18 the Wyckoff History Society presented light bulb collector Chad Shapiro. Shapiro displayed some of his prized, historic light bulbs and demonstrated how Thomas Edison first recorded his own voice using one of Edison’s original phonographs. He spoke at length about Thomas Edison, where he worked and his accomplishments as an electrical pioneer.

Chad (left) is pictured with Wyckoff Historical Society board members Melanie Long and Peter Staller.

Cub Scouts visit the Barbershop Museum

In May the Wyckoff Historical Society presented a talk to a cub scout troop. They discussed the restoration of the Barbershop Museum and explored the artifacts inside for their ” Paws for Action (Duty to Country)” belt loop.

Anthropological Dig at Union Cemetery

On a weekend day in May, 25 anthropology students and their teacher Cynthia Van Der Molen from Ramapo High School did a dig at Union Cemetery.

Bergen County History Day, Open House at the Barbershop Museum

On April 29 the Wyckoff Historical Society participated in Northwest Bergen History Coalition’s Annual History Day and had an open house at the Barbershop Museum.

A “Window” into Stained Glass talk by Donald Samick

On April 15 the Wyckoff Historical Society hosted a presentation by Donald Samick former owner of Lamb Studios in Midland Park. Samick spoke about the history of stained glass in the United States and showed slides of the stained glass projects he was involved in over the years, many of them located in the NY/NJ area.